Our Learning

PB4L – Positive Behaviour For Learning

Our school values are honesty, responsibility and respect. Each class teacher and their class has taken these values and worked out how these values apply to learning.  Each class has agreed –  what makes an honest learner, a responsible learner and a respectful learner.  
Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L ) helps schools to develop a social culture that supports learning and positive behaviour. Children and young people don’t always know how to behave. We need to teach, regularly practice and positively reinforce the behaviours we want to see. Positive behaviour can be learnt. These are some of the principles behind PB4L.
This programme is supported by Play is the Way.  This programme teaches lifelong skills and strategies through class games.  We want all students to be responsible for their own actions and make good choices because it is the right thing to do.

Seeking help in the playground.

We are asking children to follow basic rules in the playground should they get into difficulties with their peers. If there is a problem we are encouraging children to be responsible and use their W.I.T.S.
This means… Walk Away, Make an I statement, Talk to someone about the problem and Seek help.
We are encouraging our learners to seek help from the duty teacher. The duty teacher is always out and visible in their fluorescent vests.