Info for Parents

Children enrolled are to attend whenever the school is open. When a child is absent from school, a telephone call (2085331), or text message (0272085331) to the office or send a notification through the school app on the first morning of your child’s absence is required. If we have not heard from you by 9:30am, we will text or phone you.

Minor troubles are dealt with at school by a member of staff with a first aid certificate. Should there be any concerns, parents or the nominated emergency contact will be notified. If we are unable to contact anyone, staff will take whatever action is necessary. It is important that the school office is informed of changes of address and contact telephone numbers.

School assemblies are held fortnightly on a Friday. They are held in our school hall and begin at 2:30pm.  These will be advertised through Facebook and our school newsletter.

Each Term children are given the opportunity to purchase books from Scholastic Book Club. All students are given a leaflet describing the books that are available. The child returns the order form together with payment, in a sealed envelope. This is bought to the office where all orders are dealt with.  Alternatively, parents can order the Book Club online, directions for this are on the leaflets.

We don’t allow students to have cellphones at school.  If your child requires their cellphone after school, it can be handed in to the office before school begins.  At the end of the school day it can be collected.  

The protection of life and prevention of injury is of paramount importance at all times. Evacuation drills are held each term. If an emergency occurs, children will be kept at school until parent contact is made.

Acceptable standard of pupil dress and presentation is expected. The East Gore School uniform should be worn every day at school. Make up is not allowed. Jewellery that presents a safety hazard is not permitted e.g. facial rings and loose, dangling jewellery. Watches and studs are acceptable.

The health and well-being of our children is seen as an essential part of what we are about in the school.

It is our belief that by implementing our values programme, which encourages; respect, responsibility and honesty, we are helping to address key social skills

Students can legally be enrolled at East Gore School on or after their 5th birthday. Once you have made the decision to enrol your child at East Gore School, please contact the school office so we can add your child’s name to the enrolment list. You can let the office know about your child enrolling at any time.

If your child is enrolling as a five year old, please try and notify the school at least a month earlier of your intention. The New Entrants teacher will then make contact with you and arrange some visits to the school and class. These visits are important so your child becomes familiar with the school and class before beginning school full time.

To complete the enrolment process, the school needs a copy of your child’s birth certificate, immunisation record and an enrolment form (which can be collected from the school office).

Pupils are expected to complete homework activities which will vary from class to class. Teachers will keep parents informed of homework expectations.

Emphasis is placed on the skilful teaching of literacy and numeracy in the school. We have several excellent programmes supporting our children’s reading and writing. A Reading Recovery teacher works with our juniors while we have a close liaison with the literacy adviser who works closely with our senior students. We have an excellent Maths programme that we are reflect on termly to ensure all students are reaching their full potential.

Inquiry topics are taught under a yearly theme with key focuses on different curriculum areas throughout the year eg. Science, P.E., Health, Social Sciences, Technology and The Arts.

Once pupils have arrived at school they are not permitted to leave the school grounds without permission (except to go home for lunch as a regular arrangement).  If leaving the school grounds, all students need to sign out on the Vis-tab in the office.

The library is open to pupils during scheduled class times for individual borrowing. The library is also open two lunch times per week (Tuesday and Friday) for students to browse, swap books and complete crafts. Parents are encouraged to use our library to support the reading of their children.

Over a term a considerable amount of clothing accumulates as lost property. It is stored in the hall and is available for children and parents/caregivers to view and claim items. At the end of each term, all remaining items are displayed publicly before being disposed of. Caregivers can minimise losses by clearly naming all property and clothing, by being aware of their child/ren’s possessions and by looking through the lost property as soon as items are noticed missing.

Each day the students are supplied lunch through the Ka Ora, Ka Ako | Healthy Lunches in School programme.  These lunches are provided by Koha Kai.  All students are encouraged to try each lunch every day.  There is no cost for these lunches to parents.

The involvement of parent helpers is encouraged throughout the school. Please talk to your child’s teacher should you wish to help.

The School does not encourage children to bring toys, valuables and collectables to school. Staff cannot accept responsibility for these items.

The school grounds are open from 8:30am and children are expected to go home straight after school. Duty teachers supervise the playground during interval and lunch and the pedestrian crossing is monitored before and after school.

In normal circumstances, children are not permitted to use the telephone.

Any cell phones that are brought to school, must be handed in to the office at the beginning of the day and can be collected at 3:00pm. The school does not recommend students bringing cell phones to school.

Every second year the Year 5 & 6 children attend camp for four days and three nights. The children generally start fund-raising for this as early as possible and this helps to keep the costs down for families. A parents meeting is held early to discuss fund raising options.

On wet days, lunch and play time will be spent in the classroom. Senior students monitor the younger children in their classrooms. 

The school does not ask for any school donations.

These are displayed through the school and compliance is expected from pupils. They are based around the values of respect, responsibility and honesty.

East Gore School and its grounds is a smoke/vape free environment, and we ask that you refrain from smoking both in the buildings and grounds.

East Gore School actively encourages our children to become involved in a sport. We have school teams participating in local competitions for a wide number of sports from Year One through to Year Six. Please phone the office or check out our Facebook page to see what sports are on offer at the beginning of each term.

Students swim once a year for a 1 week block at the Gore Aquatic Centre.  Swimming sessions will be advertised through the school newsletter at least 1 month prior. There is no charge to parents for swimming.

Stationery is provided by the school.  All stationery required for the year is given in a pack at reasonable prices.  These can be purchased at the school office.  Cash only or via internet banking.

8:30 – Children may arrive at school

8:55 – School begins

8:55 – 11:10 Class time

11:10 – 11:30 Morning interval

11:30 – 1:00 Class time

1:00 – 2:00 Lunch

2:00 – 3:00 Class time

3:00 – School finishes